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We’re only on day 5 of our #whole30 and I’ve already learned so much.

1. Coconut milk in coffee is the best thing ever (we normally drink our coffee black).

2. Eating fresh, healthy, whole food is not at all as difficult as I thought it would be. It takes a little extra effort to plan out our meals at the beginning of the week, but it’s already proved to be worth it.

3. Putting more care, thought and intention into how we prepare our food has actually been a lot of fun! It’s caused us to try new foods, experiment with what’s around the house and discover new dishes that have now become some of our all time favorites - like this incredible breakfast skillet @ejdavis just threw together this morning.

I can’t wait to see how we feel after week 2.
Vacation is officially over and so begins @ejdavis and I’s #whole30. We know it’s going to be hard but also incredibly rewarding, and we’re just excited to take on the challenge together. To learn more about the kind of foods we’ll be eating, checkout @whole30. Oh, and prepare for a lot of food pics from us over the next 30 days 😜
Monument Valley or the Cars ride at Disneyland? (at Monument Valley)
Be in 4 places at once ✅
One of my favorite things about @ejdavis is his spontaneity. While driving through Las Vegas, we realized we had the same memory of a magical place we had visited as kids. We remembered a huge jungle-like building with glass walls and ceiling, big rocks and dinosaurs everywhere. We did a little research and discovered the place we were thinking of was the Adventure Dome in Circus Circus. Needless to say, we turned off the freeway to find out if it was anything like we remembered. Even though a lot has changed, it was fun to take a little stroll down memory lane together.  (at Circus Circus Adventure Dome)
Even though we didn’t get to stay in Zion last night, we still got to explore the park just before the thunderstorm rolled in. It’s breathtaking. Already looking forward to the day we go back and hike the Narrows! (at Zion National Park)
Last night was easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Eric and I pulled into Monument Valley just hours before sunset and set up camp in front of one of the most epic backdrops I’ve ever seen. The goal going in was to have a clear view from our tent so we could set up the camera outside and get some incredible star shots, and that’s exactly what we did. It may have meant sitting on a cactus at 2am, stumbling over other desert plants throughout the night, getting no sleep, battling ambient light and other technical difficulties, but getting to watch the sunrise with this view made it all more than worth it.
Good morning from Monument Valley ☀️ (at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park)
Helllooo Colorado! (at Durango, Cololorado)
Monsoons, crazy lightning storms, all things #breakingbad and DOUBLE RAINBOWS!!! New Mexico, I like you. (at San Pedro Wilderness New Mexico)
I heard the guy that owned this place sold it quick and skipped town. (at A1A Car Wash)
I had to talk @ejdavis out of tossing a pizza on the roof. (at Walter White’s House)
What do you do when in Albuquerque? Visit all of the iconic #BreakingBad film locations of course! 🎥 (at Los Pollos Hermanos)
Have you ever been caught in a monsoon while standing on the edge of a meteor crater?! Because that most definitely happened to us today and it was the coolest/scariest thing I’ve ever experienced!! ⚡️☔️ (at Meteor Crater National Landmark)
When on Route 66, you have to stop to enjoy the fizz of a Coke and some classic Hank Williams Sr. ⛽️🎶 (at Route 66 Arizona)