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Magical. (at Douglas Family Preserve)
Happy Easter everybody! I celebrate today because I believe Jesus conquered death, proving that He was the Son of God, and extending the gift of eternal life to the whole world. If that’s true (which I believe it is), then that changes everything. AND it calls for a major celebration!! 🎉🎊 Come celebrate with us today at @realitysb. There are services at 9:00 and 11:15, followed by a HUGE BBQ with free food and games. We’d love to have you join us! (at Reality Santa Barbara)
I’m so thankful for this girl. We’ve only known each other for a short amount of time, and yet she’s already shared so much love, wisdom, truth and inspiration with me. Not to mention, she’s a photographer also, so there are certain things about me she just understands….like the need to stop every two minutes on our hike to take photos! Haha, thanks for the fun adventure yesterday @annadajo! (at Lizards Mouth)
Loving the new Santa Barbara Public Market that just opened today. If you have a chance, go check it out! (at Santa Barbara Public Market)
This weekend, @ejdavis and I cruised up to Cambria for a photo shoot. We had a little extra time beforehand so we went down to the beach and explored some tide pools. It’s the simple little adventures in life that are my favorite. (at Leffingwell Landing)
Long hikes and deep conversations with @ejdavis always leave me feeling so refreshed. What helps you recharge? (at McMenemy Trail)
Another Friday, another hike conquered. (at Tangerine Falls)
And the sun has set on yet another amazing weekend. Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday! (at Knapp’s Castle)
With 10 photo shoots in the next two months, I’ve been spending a lot of time scouting new locations. Luckily this guy never gets tired of exploring with me. He does however get tired of me always asking him to pose for photos though. #youwinsomeyoulosesome
Best way to kick off the weekend if you ask me! #getoutside #explore (at Rattlesnake Canyon Park)
Lunch breaks with my guy. (at Shoreline Park)
Lunch breaks with my guy. (at Shoreline Park)
I love adventures with this guy. (at East Camino Cielo)
From the beginning, God designed us to be in community. So why is it that so often when we’re feeling worn out or discouraged, our first inclination is to keep to ourselves in isolation? God never intended it to be that way. In fact, being in community is one of the most life-giving things a person can experience. Tonight, I’m especially thankful for the amazing community God has placed me in. What does community look like for you? (at City of Carpinteria)
Yesterday, on the way to my photo shoot with Phil and @becoming_mrs_dominguez, I asked God to bless our time together. This was the view when we got there. I’d consider that prayer answered!